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Old Games

This a collection of all my older games. They are all fairly small, but they might be worth a try.. The first 5 are made in C++, and the second 2 are made in C#.

These are install programs, so when it asks if you want to run(open) the program or save the program, you should run the program.
Flippy and Flappy
You are a bird/fish named Flippy/Flappy. Get the things that say LS and the pink worms, avoid everything else. DO NOT MINIMIZE.
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The Coffee Bean Game
A fun thinking game with amazing AI. The instructions are included with the game.
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Find My Glasses

Find the glasses and avoid the enemies, green things with big noses. Lightning bolts make you faster for a period of time. You can pick up dentures and shoot them using the CONTROL button. It is the first DirectX game I've made with the ability to minimize!

Do you want to make your own levels? Well click here to download the official Find My Glasses level editor! For some basic help on using the file system, click here.

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The classic arcade game comes back to life with this game. Press escape to quit.
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The following games require .NET Framework to run. Some computers come with this, but others don't. They are also zipped (compressed), so you will need a program to unzip it. If you have Windows XP or if you download things from the internet a lot, you probably already have a program like this.
Chess Knights
A game played on a chess board. Place Xs on a board until you have covered the whole thing. You can't put an X where there already is one and you must place the Xs like a knight.
A computer game version of the card game Set. For the rules, you can go to there website at www.setgame.com
Chess Knights for Mac OS X
Currently I have one game for the Mac OS. It should work on OS X 10.2 or higher. It is the first program I've ever made using Objective-C, Cocoa, or Xcode, which would explain its simplicity. It does contain a few more features than the windows version. Firstly, the window is resizable and the whole UI looks much better. Second, you can open a drawer that shows you all the moves you've made so far. And thirdly, you can save a list of your moves into a text file for showing off to your friends. This game is definitely possible, and definitely worth your time if you own a Macintosh.

Made by Leeran Z. Raphaely