The Official Find My Glasses Level Maker

The Official File System Tutorial

If you're reading this tutorial, you've probably just downloaded the Official Find My Glasses Level Maker and have just made a really cool level, but you have no idea what to do from there. How do I play my levels? How can I make my very own version of the game? These questions and more will be answered in The Official Find My Glasses Level Maker: The Official File System Tutorial.

Open up your Find My Glasses program folder (usually located in C:\Program Files\Find My Glasses) and you should see a number of folders named Level1, Level2, Level3 and so on. You should also see a text file titled, "maps.txt"1. If you open maps.txt, you should see a number. This is the number of levels the game will see. If this number is 4, your game will recognize for levels located in folders entitled, Level1, Level2, Level3, and Level4. If you want to make a new level after level 4, just make a new folder entitled Level5 and change the number inside the maps.txt file to 5. Then save.

Now, if you open one of the levels folders, you will see a number of map text files entitled, "map1.txt", "map2.txt", "map3.txt" and so on. You will also see a maps.txt in each one of the Level folders. (Note: Every level1 folder must include a copy of the map "emap". Just ignore it and make sure that every Level1 has one.) How the system works is that in each Level folder, the computer selects from a number of maps randomly and that is the one the user plays. "maps.txt" contains the number of maps in that level in the same manner that the other "maps.txt" worked.

Continuing on with the creation of a fake Level5, once you have created a folder and changed the other "maps.txt" to 5, if you want to have one map inside this Level5, make a "maps.txt" inside the folder (This is done by right-clicking in the folder, going to New, and then clicking Text Document. Then, type "maps") Then, double click your new file and insert the number "1" inside the text file. Then, save your map (created in the Official Find My Glasses Level Maker) as "map1". If you wanted to have other maps in the level, you would change the maps.txt to a different number, then save more maps as "map1.txt", "map2.txt", etc, etc.

1 If you do not see any "txt"s in the file names, do not be alarmed. This is because Windows, by default, hides this part of the extension.

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