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Ovid the Owl Act I 
Name: Jessé

Helo! I’m brazilian. I don’t know speak english, but I need help with the Ovid the Owl Act I. I don’t get to pass of the submarine. Help me, please!
Thank you!

Name: jack

hello all

bouncy ball yippee 
Name: uriel cohen

i played with the bouncy ball app for like 2.5 hours! no joke! it was cool! i really admire your website.

Disk Image Failing to Mount 
Name: Rachel

Hey, I'd love to play your Ovid game, it looks really cute and fun. However, I am on a Mac, and evern with numerous tries to download it, the disk image always fails to mount. Would you by any chance know how to help?

Name: Evan Sadler

Hey I found an article that supports your marble theory


pretty cool

Name: Thomas Niemisto
Homepage: http://www.niemisto.com/thomas

If you think your logo is great, you will probably think my logo is hilarious and pathetic. Of course I don't have sufficient programs to create advanced graphics; I only have limited resources.

A Little Advice on Page Hits 
Name: Thomas Niemisto
Homepage: http://www.niemisto.com/thomas/

Hey, Leeran! I am sure your hit count for this site is large. Do you have any suggestions to raise hit count on another site? (Robots, automated programs, non-internet influence to peers, and advertising are not included in this question.) I am slowly but surely learning HTML language. Hopefully I will soon move on to Javascript and C++.

Name: Evan Sadler

Hey can you put the songs we recorded last night on the website?

Artuo Ui 
Name: Jon Ross

Hey, it's Jon Ross, I was just checking out your website again, and now I'm wondering if at any point you are planning on uploading the music for Aturo Ui? You can probably just tell me later during our next rehearsal. Talk to you soon.
-Jon Ross

Name: Laura Brindley

Dude! This site is awesome! I love the Mrs. Hayes song! We should "jam" again sometime!

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