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Name: Danny Medved

hey, it's me...from drama last year...dude, you've really exapanded your site sice i've last seen it! keep it up leeran, it's amazing...you have really been working. you'r songs are amazing and your games are great...you've got a fan out there leeran...me!
email me soon,

To Mr. Leeran Z. R. 
Name: Matthew Jensen

This is my new homepage. I am informing you because I thought you would be proud of my Chutzpah. Believe me, I am - LZR I enjoy the games, and the music is well done, but will be increased when Mr. Benjamin F. Myself, yourself, Ms. Whitney M., and Mr. Fisher or Mr. Doran joins together to create our little Combo. We could do gigs and raise more money. All in all a pleasureable experience. Keep up the work. I do wish you'd re-upload the Ms. HAyes song and also feature somemore simplistic tracks that tke thing back to the root of jazz, with some dixieland like sweet Georgia Brown. or Muskrat Stomp. Keep up the excellent website and the wonderful music. Congratulations on Saxophone Section leader.

Matthew H. Jensen

great site!! 
Name: Brianna
Homepage: it's to bad to mention

Leeran what an awesome site. Your music is terrific. I downloaded most of your songs on my iPod. Why, thank you - LZR By any chance do you have album covers for your songs, because my iPod shows album covers and it would be nice to have on my iPod. Thanks, let me know.


what is your middle name? Ze'ev

MI Forum 
Name: Dave
Homepage: http://whatthe.cjb.net, forums.cjb.net/kainoaforum.html, myspace.com/ohyesdave

Hey. How do you draw things to the screen? The code to Educational Nothing (which is what you're talking about, right?) is posted on the site. You can figure it out - LZR i havent figured out how to make the snow yet, i think i mesmsed up, but i could do some cool stuff if i knw how to draw to the screen.
hey, by the way, i made a forum, you should post it, check it out, register, whatever. here it is

Name: FISH
Homepage: http://myspace.com//ghoti12

how's the music been goin we should do another song i'v been really beausy lately

Name: Sara

dude ur in my math class... im excited for "leerans math program" that you were talking about today. Ill see you tomorrow during block. YAY - bye! :)

hi sorry 
Name: jules

I am from Nebraska and my friend zach rowe told me to check your page out, pretty sweet, can i make a suggestion for the music? If you ever want to try just mixing cool loops, get the application garageband, it is for apple, but if you don't have one i'm sure you could download it.

Name: Peter

Hey leeran. I haven't been on the site or guest book in a while, thought I'd check it out. I guess things are pretty quiet apart from the new songs you keep putting out. Oh well, keep up the good work. IF you ever finish your new game engine, we might see some games on here some day. (; Good luck

By the way, it seems that whenever you try to type something into the name or e-mail, it doesn't show up on the screen(at least for me). It still gets entered, but you can't see what is being entered. You should check, might be a glitch which you could fix.

Name: yoyoyo
Homepage: doesn't exist

GJ with the homecoming prince Leeran. You deserved it. Why, thank you.

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