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Name: Evan

Record Song with ben and brandon
everyone will like that kinda music!

Name: Brianna

Hi Leeran. I hope your summer is going well. I was wondering I have some songs that I would like some sheet music but currently there are none online what so ever. I was wondering if I could send you the song(s) and you could listen to them and write the compostition. I heard you did something similar for Mick, so it wouldn't be to difficult I hope. I am willing to pay you if you like. Respond by email. Thanks!

Name: Peter Lipay

Nice to see the new work you've been putting into the site.

I think you're taking it in the right direction by giving a sleeker, more professional looks. However, I think you need to find some way to make it a little more colorful, nothing bright and flashy like the old layout, but something, because its a bit too dark, looks almost black and white. Maybe try adding some dark blue or something like that.

That's my take anyway. Nice remix of staying in the loop, by the way, very catchy.

Name: Ralph

coolio site dude!!!

Name: Daniel Cleary


Great site! I like what you have accomplished. Keep up the good work!

Name: Ellen Fitch

Cool site Leeran. I still need to get you VS2005!!!

Name: ai

wow im first one to comment about ur page! i like it.. its u. lol.

Name: Ai

LEERAN!!!!!!! I waited for you online to say happy BIRTHDAY YESTERDAY!!!!!!!

so happy birthday! (yesterday)

Name: Gelon

Yet again, nice music you have created, smooth and relaxing, and just all around... good composing. I'm wondering where you get your soundfonts from (or they come with whatever program you use). And what editing program do you use?
Another question, could you talk to me about the alternate method of drawing in Visual Basic, as the one that is default takes too much time, and with only 300 objects being drawn at a time, it lags up A LOT.
See ya around.

listened to your stuff 
Name: Jared

Listen to all of your stuff man its all good
Hit me up when you get a chance

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