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Isn't Don Quixote spelled with an x? 
Name: Ella Mathews

hey there!
so...does ovid require sound?
having a good summer?
did you do the whole extra credit thing for calc yet?

Evan Sadler 
Name: Evan SAdler



Matt gunby and I are trying to but a funk band/rock band with a horn section and we want you

can you jam today soon?

we would play at summer celebration battle of the bands and it would be super tight.

we need you to sing possibly and play the keys

Name: Evan Sadler

Hey call me if you want to jam today or play some music. Im running from 1:00 till 2:30 at the latest so do you think you can jam at 3 ish?

call me and leave a message if i dont answer thanks!

Name: Don Quijote
Homepage: www.msn.com

I am I, Don Quijote! Lord of la Mancha! My destiny calls and I go!

btw, this is really Michael.

Name: Chris

you should work on getting us gigs, because i want to make some money this summer

Name: Jan Jacob Mekes
Homepage: http://pumpkinpost.mixnmojo.com/


I got to your site through your comment on The Pumpkin Post, and I must say that your music sounds really awesome. I wouldn't be surprised to see your name in lights some day. :)

Put Senators Suite Up 
Name: Chris

put senators suite up so i can get the music

Nice site! 
Name: Miki

Nice site you made,i'd really enjoyed ovid the owl and the jazz music section you made is amazing!keep up the good work:)
P.S:I'm italian and my english isn't very good...dunno if everythink i wrote is correct,bye!

you rock 
Name: Alex Emanuelz
Homepage: hi

i am your biggest fan! your website and music and everything is absolutely amazingly awesome!

I've never actually gone to this site... 
Name: Ian

Nice...actually no...i have been here before, in like, 7th grade or something...
Well anyway, things are substantially different now. I like the music...umm...haven't gotten around to downloading the game yet, but i'll get to it.
but maybe not now, because i'm working on math. Speaking of which, I never recieved that e-mail....
Is there a limit to how long this thing is? I hope not. I don't think I'll go on though, because in all honesty I have a lot to do. Actually, thats a complete lie. But I should get some sleep soon.

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